The Season is Upon Us! 3 Tips for booking your trip to Montana

Drew Stoecklein Photography-1-2

Its not quite wet wading and dry fly season yet but we are close.

As some of you may know, we had a huge winter.  While the snowpack reached 160+% in some mountain ranges, we had a couple week stretch of warm weather with no precipitation.  With the mountain creeks running clear, the rivers appear to have peaked and now its just a waiting game for the Yellowstone river and a few other freestones in the area.  The stone will go back up as the snow in the 8,000 foot range melts but it looks as if it will drop into that 10,000 cfs range soon.


May on the Missouri was good and continues to be great as dry fly fishing picks up.  Cloudy days brought fish to the surface.  Ray and crew showing off a fine dry fly double.


Lots of big fish were caught.  Here is Paul with a good one.


Which brings me to the question, I am frequently asked.  What can I do to make sure I have a great day on the water?

While there really isnt a bad time to fly into Bozeman and fish/recreate, here are a few tips for booking your next or first trip to Montana.

1.  Book as early as your schedule possibly allows.

I realize that we are on Montana time and this isnt always possible. But it is first because it is the most important.

Like any business, Fly Fishing Outfits are not all created equal, and more importantly guides are not all created equal.  Yes, some shops have 20 guides but those guides are not all of the same ability or experience.  There is a pecking order in which guides get booked and chances are the top guide has been doing this for 20 years and is already booked when you call the week before.

Lodging is the same.  Great lodging on the river or near downtown goes quickly.  Staying on the river and having your guide pick you up at the lodge or cabin is nice.  Walking to dinner is also convenient.

2.  Communicate

Every year our snowpack is different which determines when our freestone rivers clear.  We will try to keep you posted here but let us know your ability and what your expectations are.  If your here to fish all day for 5 days straight or if you are here to try fly fishing for the first time and see other parts of the area, we can create a trip itinerary for either.

3.  Book your lodging close to the river on the days you are fishing.

It is convenient having your guide pick you up in the morning and take you a couple miles down the river to the put in.  Some lodging allows us to float to or from your location.

Hopefully these tips help plan your next trip.