The big ones are eating….

The Yellowstone has been fishing really well over the last couple weeks.  River flows are down to under 7,000 cfs in town and clarity has been in and out depending on rain in Yellowstone Park.   Big flies dead drifted and stripped have been producing nice browns, particularly in the valley a couple weeks ago.

Screen Shot 2014-07-26 at 10.51.32 PM



Paul Bloch does it again as Betsy lands a big brown over the 4th of July.


Kris with another solid brown from the valley.  If you can keep your fly in the zone and move it when it needs to be moved you will be heavily rewarded.   Dont recast if you dont need to……

photo (11)



Linda kept her fly in the zone long enough for it to get crushed by this nice brown…

Wind has been a factor the last couple days but forecast is calling for minimal winds this week.   Lots of anglers are searching for the one, as this is the time of year it can happen.  Flows are dropping quickly and fish are starting to move off the banks.


We are seeing more grasshoppers than in years past which is a promising sign.    We have plenty of water in the river and temps are just right.  August is shaping up to be a legend month on the Yellowstone.  Get ahold of us to get in on the action.


Evening sunset on the Yellowstone.  Doesn’t get much better